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Limu and Lyme Disease - Testimonial by Jecobie Roberts

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MY Story

This will take a few minutes to read, but it’s my story and I wanted to share with you what has happened to me for you to understand my passion and excitement for Limu.

Loosing My Life!

Most of my life I have been blessed with good health. I didn’t get colds, virus’s, the flu, all the different things that go around every year. Everyone else would get sick, but not me. I am a type A personality always with many irons in the fire at one time. Strongly independent working for myself most of my adult life. I am an Eyolgist and a Natural Health Practioner. The following link takes you to my business web page which gives more information on my training and experience.          I make my living helping folks figure out what is going on with their health and helping them improve their condition.

But all of that changed several years ago when a little, tiny black insect bit me. A tick.


I was sleeping in bed when I felt something on my right thigh. I reached down and found a tick attached to my leg. I pulled it off and since I was half a sleep I just threw it on the floor. I thought to myself, “My dog Manuka must have been in my bed while I was out”. I turned over and went back to sleep. Since I spend a lot of time outdoors I have been bitten by literally hundreds of ticks in the past so I didn’t give the bite much concern.

But this time something different happened. When I arose the next morning I had a raised circular red rash around my bite. Yes, the famous bulls eye rash that sometimes comes with a Lyme infection. I still was not alarmed. I am an alternative health practioner and I am very familiar with what’s available out there to fight infection and build my immune system naturally. However, the bite took on a very ugly look and I began to consider going to the ER. I called several of my colleges who I respected in natural health and consulted with them about my bite. Every one of them told me not to go to the ER. That the antibiotics would most likely do more harm to me then the tick bite. They all had there own protocol of herbs and other products they wanted me to take to remedy my situation. I looked all of them over and determined what I felt would be the most beneficial direction for me to take. So I loaded up on several different products and took them several times a day. The rash disappeared, and I never had any other symptoms. Three months later I got another tick bite on my right breast while cutting grass and I got another bulls eye rash abound the bite. So once again I went back on my regimen of herbs and other products several times a day. As before, the rash disappeared, and I never had any other symptoms. I was convinced that it was taken care of naturally and I never gave it another thought. I stayed on the products for at least 6 months to be on the safe side.

Several years later I started having all kinds of weird symptoms. I started to have Heart palpitations. I felt dizzy, yet it was different. Like a wooshy feeling in my head. I would be sitting on the couch and it would feel like a drop of water was falling on my arm running down. Or it would feel like someone poked me with a hot poker. Strange muscle twitches started all over. I started loosing my balance and I would just drop things. My memory went as well as the ability to concentrate. I rationalized it all away with thinking it was the change of life stuff.

Denial, yep you bet.

Then one day I got out of bed and to my surprise my breast felt like they were on fire and in tremendous pain. When I examined them they felt like a over stuffed bag of marbles. I felt

panic! What does this mean? Now this did scare me. I made an appointment to go see a doctor, for the first time in years and to have my first mammogram. The soonest I could get in was over a month away.

A few day later I went to get out of bed and my neck was froze in place in horrific pain. I couldn’t move. I had to be helped out of bed. Thinking I had one heck of a stiff neck I went and got a neck brace to support my head. The stiffness and pain did not leave and just continued along with all kinds of other symptoms that began showing up.

Here is a list of some of what I experienced almost on a daily bases: Constant fatigue, swollen glands, sore throat, joint pain and stiffness, back pain, muscle cramps and weakness, confusion and difficulty thinking, with an inability to concentrate. I wasn’t able to absorb new information so learning and comprehending anything new was close to impossible.

I had problems with using the wrong words and not able to communicate clearly. I would know what I wanted to say, but something else would come out. There were many times when I would say the very opposite of what I meant to say. It was like I could feel a short circuit in my brain. This is a real problem when you’re a public speaker and you do live radio talk shows.

I began reversing numbers and words when writing. I had a constant dull headache with nausea. Vision trouble with blurry vision with lots of floaters. My ears would hurt and itch and yet there was never any wax in my ears they were constantly dry. This is apparently a common lyme disease symptom.

At times I had buzzing in my ears. I experienced lots of motion sickness and vertigo. I hated that cause I loved roller coasters and action films. Now they made me sick. So did cars and trucks passing my while I was driving. This was a problem since I travel long distances to teach.

I had constant insomnia. Heartburn with chest pain.

I was either depressed or fighting depression everyday of my life. Another common symptom with Lyme. I would have a panic attack out of the blue that took lots of self talk to get under control. The whacky emotional up's and down's drove me crazy as well as those close to me.

I lacked the energy to do anything. It was like 'the real me' was trapped somewhere in this dark hole unable to fight my way out. There were days when I would feel a little better and I would attempt to get everything that had been neglected done. On those days I would frantically run around the house cleaning, doing paper work, cleaning bird cages, make phone calls, and all the other things I hadn’t been able to get done for weeks. It was difficult because my legs always felt like they were walking through mud. That would make me tired quickly.

I would have sharp jabbing pains pop up in different places of my body all through out the day. The most painful was this hot poker pain that would strike my eyes. It would totality cripple me until it passed. Then my eyes would just water and water for some time after the pain had finally stopped.

So I spent most of my time just sitting and sitting. No more long walks, which I loved. As a result I experienced lots of weight gain.

There were other symptoms that came and went but the symptoms listed above were pretty much constant.

I was becoming terrified. What was wrong with me? I made my living helping folks figure out what was going on with them and here I was in this desperate situation. Since I’m an Eyologist I took pictures of my eyes several different times and I would study them to see if I could get any clue as to what was happening to me. I could see I had lots of inflammation going on along with some kind of bacterial infection, but I was still clueless as to what was wrong with me. I thought I had cancer. Then I thought I had MS. Then I thought I had Fibromyalgia or maybe Heart Disease.Then I thought I had all of them at one time. I thought I was dieing. My body was falling apart daily as more and more symptoms showed up.

Loosing my brain was so daunting and my depression at times was disabling.

I grieved over the loss of ’me and my life’. My best friend was gone and instead this miserable, sick stranger had moved in who I didn’t like. I WANTED ME BACK!

Then one night while laying in bed I heard the thought run through that said, “You have Lyme disease”! Holy Cow! I thought to myself. I forgot about those bites. I ran to my computer and looked up Lyme and there were all of my symptoms.

The next morning I made an appointment with a Lyme disease specialist, Dr. Charles Crist. I was truly fortunate to have a Lyme specialist right here in Springfield Missouri. He put me on a regimen of antibiotics. Within a week, much to my relief, my symptoms began to disappear. I stayed on various different antibiotics for over a year and continued to improve. I pursued getting well aggressively. Some days I would take several different kinds of antibiotics. This is called, “Pulse Therapy”. Antibiotics helped tremendously with getting the Lyme under control but they came with side effects causing other health issues. But I was so thankful that I had a Doctor who believed me and was willing to treat me. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Crist. He has paid a very high price here in Springfield MO for treating Lyme Disease patients from his colleges. He has stuck with his patients regardless of how his peers have attacked him.

Dr. Crist was my Angel during a VERY dark time in my life.

Important Note

I want to mention here that I was given very bad advice when I was told not to go to the ER years earlier. That advise was wrong and dangerous and lead to the deterioration of my health and could of led to my death. I am still an alternative health practioner but I l have learned a difficult lesson through all of this. All forms of healing are good and beneficial. Antibiotics ARE NOT BAD when used properly. If I had made the choice to go on antibiotics in the first few weeks of my first infection I would of most likely not ended up in the shape I was in. I now found myself with latened Lyme disease along with brain damage. I do NOT hesitate to tell someone to go to a medical doctor when I detect a health issue that looks serious.

After a little over one year on antibiotics most of my symptoms were gone. I choose to take a break from the constant intake of antibiotics and started my natural products to keep myself feeling well. I was sick on and off constantly. I always had a dull stiff neck, fatigue, weak, and brain fog. My legs always felt heavy like I walking through mud. But I felt my symptoms were manageable and tolerable. I didn’t not want to continue on antibiotics everyday for the rest of my life. As much as they helped, they did have long term nasty side effects. I stayed on a constant regiment of natural products to hopefully keep the Lyme disease symptoms under control.

Stress is a key factor in causing you to have a Lyme relapse, and being self employed I always had lots of stress so I always had some symptoms happening. I did TOA Free Cat’s Claw, Colloidal Silver, Olive Leaf Extract, Beta Glugans, Teasel, Blue Vervain, along with many others.

I did cleanses, flushes, tonic’s, tons of vitamins and minerals. I juiced and juiced and juiced. Yet, in Jan of 2006 when I was experiencing lots of stress in my life I found myself in another major relapse with Lyme disease and back on antibiotics. I noticed my legs were loosing all of their strength and my mind was getting worse. The depression returned and it was affecting my ability to work, thus greatly affecting my income. I was facing the loss of everything I had worked so hard to obtain. I was afraid I was going to end up in a wheel chair or completely loose my ability to function mentally. I remember bargaining with God and saying, “If something has to happen to me then let it be a wheelchair, but please let me keep my mind”. I have always been an independent person. I have worked for myself most of my adult life. I have been single most of my adult life. As you can see I am an independent person. Becoming disabled was frightening. So for me to say give the wheel chair was a major statement for me.

Getting My Life back!

I was desperate. I did not want to live the rest of my life on antibiotics. Everything I read or heard regarding Lyme Disease was pretty hopeless. According to everything I could find this was my ‘new reality”. I was sinking further and further into depression.

Then a friend I respected suggested I try this new product they knew about called Limu.

I was VERY skeptical to say the least. I was even slightly irritated at the hope of one more thing that everyone said would work because I felt, “I’ve been through this before and it never works.” Needless to say my attitude was negative giving Limu a try. But I said I would give it 90 days and so for 90 days I would take it.

One month went by and there was not any change. The second month came and went and still no change. I thought to myself, “This is just what I expected! Why was I so gullible to spend what little money I had left on one more empty promise?” I was going to cancel my auto ship so on a Friday I typed my letter to send the Limu company to put a stop to it. I decided to wait until I got back in town on Monday and send it then.

At this point it is about 80 days into taking 4 oz per day. I was working in Kansas City at a show when I realized, “I’m not in pain! I’m not tired! My legs don’t feel like they weigh a hundred pounds each and difficult to move!

OK, I’m not going to get to excited about this. After all I’ve had days in the past when I did feel better, but it didn’t last. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow”?

Well, tomorrow came and went and so did the next and I‘m still improving. Almost all of the symptoms I listed above, are gone! For me the biggest blessing was when my mind/brain function came back.

I can still remember that day Oct 29th 2006. Driving back from KC, I could feel it coming back. I mean I felt it! It was like my brain was in a sardine can and someone rolled the top back and the fog was gone and out popped my brain. The heavy dark cloud that was on top of me had lifted. The depression was gone. It is awesome to be able to multi task again.

I feel I’ve gotten me back! I didn’t think that it was possible because I had lost hope. I felt my new normal was living with this chronic disease everyday never knowing if I would feel well enough to do anything productive that day. That’s all changed thanks to Limu! I have hope again. I have a life again! I believe that I will continue to improve and find myself feeling better then I did even prior to getting Lyme disease.

Smart Cells is the Answer!

It’s important to note that Limu did not cure me of Lyme Disease. It is a nutritional drink that contains Fucoidan which comes from brown seaweed. There have been over 700 scientific studies on Fucoidan and its benefits, along with Glyconutrients, . What Limu did was provide my cells the necessary nutrients to become smart again. That is how I explain it. Your cells become smart again and begin working smart doing their job more effectively which is identify, tag, and destroy. It also assist the cells in utilizing the other things your taking to their maximum potential. So all of the herbs, vitamins and minerals I was taking to help me kill off the bacteria that causes Lyme were able to really kick in and work. By taking Limu you are assuring yourself that you will get the maximum out of all those other products you are taking.

As I take Limu my cells continue to heal, become strong, and really, really smart. As a result of your cells being fed what they need to function at their optional potential it is the best ticket to health protection. I see Limu as the tipping point that gave me back my life.

I can not stress this enough. If you want to feel better make Limu part of your daily life and give your cells what they need to function and do their job to keep you healthy and well.

It is the best health prevention product then anything else I have studied or researched.

I’m involved in a MLM...... WHAT?

So now here I am involved in a multi-level company. If someone had said to me a year ago I would be dedicating all of my time and effort in a MLM I would of told you that you were crazy. MLM folks irritated me and the ideal of being involved in one was offensive. I had been down that road many times before attempting to sell my latest discovery to my friends and family. Someone made money from all of my work, but it sure wasn’t me. I’d get that check in the mail for $6.96 after a couple of months of work. So if someone approached me about getting involved in a MLM business, I would be polite and tell them I would look their information over. Then I would go home and immediately throw all the info in the trash.

This time it was different. I was brought to my knees by an awful disease in which there is no cure. The only hope I had was to keep it in remission, and if I had a relapse go back on antibiotics. That was going to be my life. I would be in a state of chronic inflammation. Always in pain. Always tired. Struggling to function and make a living with my mind which wasn’t working.

Until Limu. Am I passionate about this product? You bet I am. Do I believe everyone should be on Limu? Yes, I do. If you take the time to read the scientific information that is available at this website you will see your need to be taking Limu everyday. There is not anything else like this on the market today. This product has the science, the research, and the track record of a quality product.

As far as a business opportunity goes I was making a good income within my first month of marketing Limu. I have met other people making a six figure income within a few months. Now that I understand network marketing and the opportunity it gives you I realize I was an idiot. If I had Limu and this same opportunity 5 years ago I would be in a totality different position financially today. With this company you do make money! You get paid in several different ways, and you get paid weekly.

So if you want better health and a financial opportunity with no limit as to where you can go or what you can do, this is it! I will personally work with you and help you in what ever way I can for you to achieve your goals.

I have several of my clients with chronic disease taking Limu and they are experiencing amazing results. I am so thrilled to FINALY have something to offer them that works! Works long term. Yes, you make great money with the Limu company, but with the benefit of knowing you are helping people get well, get their live back, and stay well. For me those awards far out way the great financial benefits that Limu offers.

So if you need physical healing, Limu is for you!

If you need financial healing, Limu is for you!

If you want to help people, Limu is for you!

Trust me, once the folks you introduce Limu to experience it’s results they will thank you for telling them. I am so thankful someone took the time and the risk to tell me I needed Limu. Because they did it changed my life.

I will forever be grateful.

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