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The Brown Seaweed Every IBS Sufferer Should Know About!

The Brown Seaweed Every IBS Sufferer Should Know About!  By Maurice Petersen

What does a brown seaweed have to do with IBS? As many as 1 out of every 5 Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). When you add in those that suffer from acid reflux and other stomach problems, it is easy to see that our Western culture as a whole has a lot of stomach problems.

Researchers have yet to pin down the specific cause of IBS. But they have found many potential triggers. The brown seaweed called Limu Moui by the Tongans is not a cure for IBS, but it may help you find some relief. This article will show you how.


IBS sufferers often have to deal with constipation. Your doctor may prescribe fiber supplements, and recommend you eat a high fiber diet. The high fiber diet may be problematical at first. If you aren’t used to eating fiber, you can suffer from gassiness and bloating. This is exactly what the IBS sufferer is trying to avoid.

Limu Moui is high in fiber, and fuciodan—the key component in Limu Moui—is very easy for your body to digest. You may find that Original Limu Moui is much easier to eat and produces less unpleasant side affects than other foods. It can be a great support while you slowly increase your dietary fiber.

Food Intolerance

Certain foods can trigger an allergic-like reaction in IBS sufferers. Many allergy symptoms are caused by an immune system that doesn’t work like it should. Either the immune system is weak due to lack of nutrients, or it is too aggressive, attacking allergens as if they were viral or bacterial invaders. Limu Moui is a concentrated source of the exact nutrients your body needs for optimal functioning.

Fucoidan also helps regulate an overly aggressive immune system by promoting the growth of natural killer (NK) cells. These cells regulate how much IgE your body produces. IgE has been identified as a potential cause for allergies. It is generally present in microscopic amounts in your body. Researchers believe that it is there to battle parasitic infections. It is only when it is over-produced that you run into difficulties. With the right balance of NK cells, your IgE levels stay where they ought to be.

Bacterial Overgrowth

It has been suggested that some IBS symptoms (gassiness, bloating abdominal distention) may be caused by poor absorption of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This leads to a build up of ‘bad’ bacteria that flourish in such an environment. When healthy bacteria are reintroduced to the gut, it cuts down on the gassiness, bloating, and other symptoms.

A recent study of fecal flora in the Japanese diet has shown, on average, that the Japanese people have large concentrations of these beneficial bacteria. This higher concentration has been linked to the amount of seaweed present in the diet. The antibiotic activity of the seaweed destroys harmful bacteria, and promotes an environment conducive to benign bacteria growth.

A Final Note:  With enough research, scientists are bound to find a cure for IBS. Until then, natural foods like Limu Moui will be there to help IBS sufferers get through their day as comfortably as possible.

Limu Moui is not a medicine of a drug. While it can promote wellness, it is not a cure. Do not use this or any article as a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor

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