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An Open Letter on GlycoNutrients:


Rayburne W Goen, MD, FACP, FACC.

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 Saturday, August 3, 2002


An Open Letter:


Carbohydrates have always been considered as "energy food", but not until 1994 was it discovered, and in 1996 proven, and recognized in Harper's Biochemistry Textbook, that there are eight monosaccharides (super carbs), essential to maintaining good health. "Essential" means indispensable, the body cannot make it, and without it you are sick or dying. I believe this will go down in history as the most significant health discovery of the century! It will rank with or above the discovery of the essential amino acids, (protein building blocks); the vitamins and trace minerals; the essential fatty acids; penicillin; cortisone; and chlorthiazide, (the first effective blood pressure drug)! Note that all but the last 3 are nutritional discoveries. These eight glyco-nutrients (sugar-foods), the essential monosaccharides, combine with proteins to form glycoproteins on the surface of every one of the trillions of cells in the body. We know them as communication agents: either transmitters or receptors.. They constitute the operating system for all cell function! The "Microsoft Windows" of every cell, for the immune system-which must communicate to function well or we are sick -- or dead! (They communicate the needs of cell repair, defense, nutrition, recognition as "my own" or "enemy", hormonal regulation, and apoptosis: programmed cell death, disposal, and replacement of all cells).


What is amazing is that one little sugar molecule, misprinted or omitted, by damage from virus, bacterial infection, fungi, pollutants, toxins, stress, or gene defects, can make as much difference as if you telephoned 1-918-492-023 instead of 1-918-492-0232 :(would not transmit!): Or 1-918 492-0233 (not me: an alien!). Important? Yes!! Do you realize, for example, that human blood types differ in only one small detail: Galactose is the terminal "address" on the glycoprotein on the surface of the type B red blood cell; N-Acetylgalactosamine on the type A . Transfusing a Type A patient with Type B blood (or vice versa) results in a very acute immune-type reaction: --death!


What is the significance of this? Only two of these essential monosaccharides: glucose from sweet foods and carbohydrates, and galactose, from dairy products, are found in our diet today! Why?? During the past 25 years, our food supply has changed from home gardens, or local truck farms, with tree-or vine-ripened fruits and vegetables, to such industrialization that now almost all fruits and vegetables are raised on large commercial farms. The soil on these farms is depleted of nutrients and minerals. The soil is sprayed with toxic chemicals to kill weeds and insects; fertilized with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, which still makes plants grow, but lacks vital trace minerals. Then, to make it worse, produce is harvested green, so it can be transported across the country or ocean and withstand shipment. Because the produce is not allowed to ripen on the vine, our fruits and vegetables do not have all the phytochemicals that the American Cancer Society says are so important in building our immune systems. ( Phytochemicals are not produced in our plants until they are fully vine-ripened ) We further deplete our grains, source of some essential sugars, by hulling and removing the germinal portions of wheat, rice, and oats etc. The result of all this is that SIX of the eight ESSENTIAL monosaccharides are no longer in our diet! We also deteriorate our foods by processing methods, preservatives, and over-cooking. Fortunately, our body can make the missing 6 super carbs by a complicated, energy-consuming process, using 15 or more reactions, each requiring a specific enzyme-- if everything is working perfectly! Obviously everything is not always working perfectly or there would be no health problems! Note: The most important essential to life or health is the one that is missing!


The Natural Killer cells, a type of lymphocyte, recognizable in the blood, and which are the first line of defense against infections, toxins, and cancer, have been reduced 30% in the average "well" American in the past 16 years. Why? Partly because there are now 300-350 new chemicals, which the body recognizes as toxins- in every cell of our body, that were not there before 1948! That explains why, in the past 20-30 years, as nutrients in our diet have decreased, and toxins in our air and water have increased, that our body's defense system has begun malfunctioning .This is evident in the increasing incidence of disease and cancer. The following are the 1997 statistics on the major causes of death in the US, as reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association July 27, 2000:


1) Cardiovascular [Heart and blood vessel disease], 50% of all deaths (also now considered as a possible complication of remote Chlamydia, Coxsackie, or Herpesvirus infection, with subsequent immune dysfunction). 2) Cancer, increased from #8 in 1973 (a result of a failure in the immune system to recognize and destroy mutated cells, which then multiply and "take over"): 30 % of all deaths,,, and predicted to be #1, (70 %) in the next 10 years. 3) Diabetes 12 % and gaining, (an autoimmune disorder in type I, destroying cells that produce insulin); and an immune dysfunction in type 2: some receptors do not recognize insulin, necessary to admit glucose into cells. 4) Adverse reaction to properly prescribed Pharmaceutical drugs! 106,000 such hospital deaths in 1997, not involving wrongly prescribed dosages, errors in filling, deaths outside the hospital, or suicides! Put this in context with 12,000 deaths the same year by auto accident involving alcohol. Which has received the most publicity? Why??


Finally, it has been demonstrated that oral administration of these eight glyconutrients (super-carbs) is totally non-toxic in any amounts, does not interfere with bodily function like drugs do. And results in restoration of the cell's ability to communicate its needs, so that the body can defend, regulate, nourish, repair and cleanse itself as God intended. (Human mother's milk contains 5 of these essentials: -- no other animal's provides more than 2!) Breast feeding of infants confers lifelong benefits, which no other substitute or formula thus far can match!


This discovery is not a medicine, to be prescribed for treating or curing a specific disease, but rather a supplement of vitally necessary monosacccharides that are missing in our diet today. When they are put back into the body, the body can then do what God designed it to do: heal itself . A few of the disorders which have been shown (in reports or published articles in Medical and Scientific journals) to be benefited or restored to normal health, (without interfering with appropriate drug therapy as indicated ) are: Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathies, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Down Syndrome, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's, Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism, Hepatitis C, and AIDS, as well as a whole host of others. What is the common denominator of all these apparently unrelated diseases? Dysfunction of the immune system. Why? Failure of communication between cells. Why? A missing essential monosaccharide in the surface Glycoprotein of a cell.


Amazing to me was the dramatic response of Lupus by restoring these glyconutrients.. Lupus is a disease from an overactive immune system, when the immune system actually attacks its "own" body cells. ("mis-communication") On the other hand, I have seen reports that taking glyconutrients dramatically increases low immune function as in AIDS or Cancer This is called "modulation", reducing the too-high and elevating the too-low, as in many diseases which exhibit both types of dysfunction. Never before have Medical Doctors seen this, or even thought it was possible. This was proven in numerous experiments conducted at "neutral, third party" research laboratories, and clinical cases reported in peer-reviewed Scientific Journals from all over the world. Nutrition has not been, until now, a part of USA traditional Medical School curricula for treating or preventing chronic illness. This is changing as of 1999, with the New Nutrition: Prevention and Wellness, rather than Sickness and Drug Treatment, as the new Focus of Medical Care.


Enough of "Micro-Nutrient Biology 101"-even though not mentioned is the burgeoning problem of Overweight, and the frightening and rapidly-increasing microbial resistance to antibiotics, that are now getting worse by the day. "Antibiotic resistant" means our most powerful drugs are no longer working against infections with these organisms. They develop Immunity! In addition, there are "new" viruses and microorganisms surfacing, for which we have no effective antibiotic. The bottom line is: everybody in the world desperately needs these particular missing monosaccharides, whether they are now sick, or "healthy" (= not yet sick !). Believe me, preventing infections, diseases, and especially cancers is a lot less expensive and more efficient and satisfying than trying to treat symptoms with dangerous drugs, with never or rarely a cure!


For years, I have felt helpless and frustrated, when patients would come to me for advice and relief of their pain and suffering, and I was unable to prescribe a safe drug that would relieve or cure them. I, as a Doctor, trusted in the axiom "For every disease, a cure." I realize now that was not God's way. In my whole life as a Doctor, I have never seen anything so AWESOME as I am now seeing: that taking these nutrients orally has enabled the body to heal itself of almost any disease known!! (Nothing, however, is 100% in the real world!) I am so excited that now, in my retirement, I have an opportunity to introduce this, and thus educate and help benefit more people, safely, more fully, in a much shorter time, than ever I did in my 60 years of Practice in the Medical profession!! WOW!


I urge you to look seriously at this discovery, which, the way it developed, had to be a revelation from God. Check it out. [This Company] is the only source of an oral form of these eight monosaccharides, any combination of which is "composition patented (in the USA & 17 other countries) and patent-pending" worldwide.. [The Company's] Science and Research labs are second to none in the field of pharmaceutical grade nutrients (nutraceuticals) . There are many peer-reviewed studies available, as well as independent studies reported on Medline on the internet. There are now thousands of scientific articles documenting the validity of this discovery in the Medical Journals. You owe it to yourself and your family to see what is available to you for protecting your health in a very unhealthy world.


To your Health, Happiness, and Good Fortune!!!


Rayburne W. Goen, MD


20045 S. 80th Ave.
Frankfort, IL 60423