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Sick and Tired of Being Sick & Tired?


What is Your Health Worth? 

               Live Strong and Live Well!

             Start Today! 

The nutritional choices you make today will have a major impact on your overall Health, Wellbeing and Longevity in the future.

The human body is the most intricate piece of machinery that has ever existed on this planet.  It is also the most abused piece of machinery in existence.

As humans, we are the only species who are consciously aware of our own mortality.  You would think that we would be doing everything in our power to optimize our natural lifespan.

Before you read the nutritional information, ask yourself this question: "Given the choice, would you rather live a healthy life and reach your optimum lifespan, or develop a "Degenerative Disease" and die in agony 20, 30 or even 40 years before you need to?"

If you think that most of us would opt for the first choice, as none of us want to experience the second scenario, you are sadly mistaken.

Hundreds of millions of people, through their lifestyle and diet, are actually going to become just another statistic in the "Degenerative Disease" scrapbook of DEATH!

As a DIRECT result of the lifestyle choices they are making TODAY, they are going to suffer, die early, die in pain and die needlessly from a wide range of diseases that virtually did not exist 300 years ago.

Diseases such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, and hundreds of other so-called "Degenerative Diseases" are, in most cases, actually nothing more than preventable "Lifestyle Diseases".

This is shown by the simple fact that while they were virtually unknown 300 years ago, they are absolutely exploding today, as evidenced by the latest figures from the
Center for Disease Control (CDC) showing the top ten killer diseases in the USA.

You see, the problem with nutrition is simply that we no longer consume the foods we were designed to eat.

Humans were designed to eat a diet consisting solely of RAW food and pure water.

Raw fruits, raw grains, raw vegetables and raw meat.

The discovery of fire and the ability to cook our foods actually started our nutritional decline.

The arrival of the "Industrial age" and processed foods hastened that decline.

The fact that the over-processed, over-cooked junk we now primarily consume has less than 10% the total nutritional value of the foods our remote ancestors ate, is a major factor in the our current health crises.

The fact that we no longer drink pure water, but instead consume copious amounts of soda (which is up to 50,000 times more acidic than pure water) is also a major factor in our current health crises.

So, is the answer to our nutritional problems to simply revert to the totally fresh diet we were designed to eat?

The answer to that is yes...and no.  Yes it does help...and no it is not the total answer.

Yes,  because the more fresh foods you can consume instead of the over-processed, over-cooked junk food many of us eat, will help the body.  No, because even those foods today do not contain the same amount of nutrients as the foods our remote ancestors ate. Our remote ancestors were "'hunter / gathers" they ate whatever food they found growing naturally as they traveled. Today there are 6 billion of us trying to survive on food grown on the same ground over and over again.

Simple science shows us that plants extract, among other things, 70+ trace minerals from the soil, and we then ingest those minerals from eating the plants. Well we used to, but our farming practices today only re-fertilize the soil with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The other vital trace minerals are depleted and it is way to costly for our farmers to replenish them artificially.

The best nutritional answer is actually two-fold. Eat as much fresh (naturally ripened), organically grown food as possible, and then take nutritional supplements on a daily basis to make up the nutritional shortfall of those foods.

Think of it this way"The body you now have is the only body you are going to get."

You can either nurture and support it, or you can abuse it.   Of course it’s your choice~

If you choose to nurture your body, then providing it with top quality nutritional supplements
along with live food, adequate diet and regular exercise makes perfect sense.

If, however, you choose not to nurture your body. If you consider the SAD (Standard American Diet) of mineral deficient, enzyme depleted, over-processed, over-cooked junk foods washed down with a soda good for you, then in all probability your own body is one day going to show you just how tragically mistaken you are.

Take care of the body your have… The Fucoidans in Limu Moui can give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal health and immune support.

Educate yourself and have the life your were meant to live!  



To your Health and Prosperity!

Julie Trost-Vatcoskay


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