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Glyconutrients and Fucoidan can change your life!

Jecobie's Story and Testimonial... Concerning Lyme Dis-ease


Testimonials worth reading...  These testimonials are the personal stories and results of the persons names.  This in no way means that you as the reader will have the same effect or experience.  Please see the disclaimer section for further information.


Since my pregnancy, 2 years ago, I suffered from daily migraines. My doctors thought these were due to hormonal changes and could only recommend pain medication. Of course, I could not risk harm to my unborn baby by taking it. But 16 months after my son, Zachary's birth, the headaches were no better. It was hard for Zachary to understand why mommy didn't want to do anything but lay on the couch some days. After taking Glyconutrients for 1 day, my headache was gone! Zachary and I have so much more fun now. I will even take it during my next pregnancy. I want to tell everyone I come into contact with about Limu Moui because it has changed my life!
Chastity T., Cordova, TN

I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998. I experienced episodes of weakness and progression of the disease. I went through physical therapy and medications, feeling better at times and then another episode would leave me feeling weak and numb. The last episode was so fast and progressive that I became wheelchair bound, weak and with no feeling from the waist down. I could not even hold my grandbaby. I was never this debilitated before and was convinced I would die. On May 8th, I started taking about 2 tablespoons of Glyconutrients, twice a day, and within one month, I was out of the wheelchair and walking without a brace or cane. I even resumed my housework and cooking supper. Next week, I intend to start driving again. I feel generally good and have an increase in energy. My physical therapist commented that he'd never seen anyone progress so quickly from how debilitated I was. I will never be without Glyconutrients!
Theresa C., Dequincy, LA

My husband, who is in construction, is exposed to the elements 8 to 10 hours a day and suffered from constant sinus headaches. After taking Limu Moui, he rarely suffers at all now! In addition, my pain from carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm and a bulging disc in my back are gone. I no longer need the brace for my arm and I can sleep so much better at night. Glyconutrients are a blessing to the entire world!
LeJoyce A., Arcadia, LA

I have had severe fever blisters, caused by Herpes virus, on my lower lip for as long as I can remember. These typically begin with a tingling sensation in a small area and progress until 1/4 to 1/2 of my lower lip is swollen, red, and bleeding. Ultimately, the lesion becomes painful throughout the typical 3 to 5-week duration and is quite unsightly and embarrassing. Upon feeling the familiar sensation begin, I immediately applied Glyconutrients directly onto the emerging blister to see what would happen. After 4 days of applying it twice a day, the blister was going away and never surfaced! I was amazed, as I have never experienced this quick of a recovery from this repulsive ailment.
Mark K. Springfield, MO

I am 39 and have had asthma most of my life, starting as a small child and becoming worse in my early 20's. Though detrimental to my internal organs, I've used 3 different steroid based medications twice a day to keep this disease under control and have visited the emergency room 3 times over the last 15 years. Since the day I started taking Glyconutrients, I have not used any prescription medication and I can breathe! I can now have a normal life. This is a gift from above and it is now my duty to share my blessing!
Gary R., Sedro Woolley, WA

I have had ulcers since I was 15 years old and inflammation of the stomach lining most of my adult life. Because of extreme heartburn, I had to take Zantac with every meal and sometimes even between meals. Since I started taking Glyconutrients, I have not had to take Zantac. In additional, my energy level and general well being have dramatically improved.
Nileen B., Sedro Wooley, WA

I have been on Avapro and Toprol, blood pressure medication since my open heart surgery a year ago. My blood pressure still remained at around 179/100 or 179/120. The lowest it had ever reached was 158/90. With my doctor's approval, I started taking 2 tablespoons per day of Glyconutrients. After the second day on the product, my blood pressure dropped to 116/66 and my doctor cut my medication dosage in half. Three days later, he took me off Avapro completely and reduced my dosage of Toprol even more and will take me off it completely in 2 more days. My blood pressure has stayed consistently between 116/66 and 118/66. I am no longer sleepy, have more energy, feel calmer, my head is clearer and my heart no longer pounds. I will never stop taking Glyconutrients and it's just a matter of time before my doctor is in the business!
Phil R., Minden, LA

I've had rheumatoid arthritis since 1980 and in spite of having tried every kind of medication imaginable--from Gold injections and steroids, to Methotrexate and Remicade -- I still had to live with many physical limitations. These included being unable to turn the car keys, raise my arms over my head, get up and down from a sitting position, morning stiffness, low energy and little to no strength in my hands and wrists. I began to see results after 1 week on Glyconutrients and it has continued ever since. Recently I spent 3 days, rolling paint up to the ceiling and wallpapering. I also mowed an acre of land for 2-1/2 hours with a tractor that has no power steering. Not only was I not sore the next day, I drove into the city and took a CPR and First Aid Class. I'm doing things I have not done in 15 years.
Nancy O'C., Pleasant Hill, MO

Our 6-year old daughter, Christina, has had breathing problems since the day she was born. Ever since a near death experience when she was 6 weeks old, she has had to use a Breathalyzer on many occasions. Recently, we had to cut a weekend trip short and return home due to the breathing problems Christina was having from the high spring time pollen content. We decided to try Glyconutrients because the traditional medications she was taking were not clearing her up completely. After 4 days, all signs of Christina's pneumonia were gone and all her other symptoms cleared up, as well. Our whole family is now on the product and we have noticed many other benefits, after approximately 4 days of use.
David L., Shreveport, LA

I suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, both causing constant pain, especially after any kind of strenuous exertion, or when the weather changed. I was taking at least 6 Ibuprofen a day and 2 or 3 Tylenol PM for pain and to sleep at night. After 2 weeks on Glyconutrients, I am not taking either one of those medications, and my pain during the day has all but disappeared, my energy level is "out the roof" and I am sleeping very well at night.
Rebecca S., Oak Ridge, LA

My father-in-law has diabetes, which was out of control. He had been taking oral medication, but when his blood sugar level reached between 200 and 350, the doctor had put him on insulin shots. His first week on Glyconutrients, he took 2 tablespoons, 2 times a day. The second week, he increased it to 2 tablespoons, 3 times a day. After checking his blood sugar level, he found it had dropped to 140 and remains between 150 and 160.
Jeff B., Liberty, TX

I have had chronic sleep problems for the past 20 years and have spent many hours tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling till daybreak. I chose to get off the prescription medication my doctor prescribed years ago and no over the counter aids helped. After hearing friends and family say they were sleeping better at night because of Glyconutrients I began taking it. After 3 nights, I noticed a total change in my sleeping. What a joy it is to wake up and find it's morning! I feel rested during the day and feel a sense of well being and happiness from the product. Limu Moui is a real blessing!
Sally H., Heflin, LA

My health issues included allergy and sinus problems for which I had to take medication, including a 12-hour nasal spray, every 3 to 4 hours. In addition, I was taking Prilosec for a severe problem with indigestion and heartburn, which I experienced with even one bit of any kind of food. After just 3 days on Glyconutrients, my allergies and sinus problems were gone and I was able to get a good night's sleep, without any medication. I am also completely off the Prilosec and have no more indigestion symptoms. I have not felt better in a long time!
Alton W., Oake Grove, LA

For 13 years, my daughter has been suffering from asthma and a chronic cough every night. After 5 days on Glyconutrients, I noticed she was not coughing at night. For the last 46 days, she has not coughed, wheezed, or had to use the inhaler! The product has been a blessing to her and she will take it for the rest of her life!
Bonita W., Sugarland, TX

I am legally blind due to diabetes and I suffer from congestive heart failure. I have had several heart attacks and 4 angioplasty surgeries. I also have shortness of breath, poor circulation, bad lungs, poor kidney control and sleep apnea, to name a few of my ailments. My blood sugar ranged from 200-450, sometimes even higher. I was about to start kidney dialysis because of the kidney failure. After taking Glyconutrients for 3 days, I felt noticeably improved. My blood sugar has dropped to between 130 and 170, I am able to get up without aid, and am much more active. Before, I could barely walk 50 feet, from the house to the mailbox, and now, I have been walking 7 blocks at a time. In addition, I have more energy, less shortness of breath and control of my kidneys. I have done nothing different from before, except taking Glyconutrients.
Edward W., Cullman, AL

I was in extreme pain following knee replacement surgery in January and physical therapy was an excruciating experience. Twice a day, I had to take 200-500 mg of Extra Strength Tylenol, 250 mg of Ultram and 50 mg of Percoset, totaling 2300 mg of pain medication, daily. I began taking Glyconutrients on March 31, 2001 and 4 weeks later, the last week in April, I began to notice that my pain was almost gone. Consequently, I stopped taking all pain medication, except one 50 mg tablet of Ultram at bedtime. Even though physical therapy is still painful, I find that my pain subsides about 30 minutes after taking Glyconutrients - Robert W., Springfield, MO

I was plagued with year round sinus related problems, including infection, bronchitis and laryngitis, especially in the spring and fall. This would deplete my energy and wellness and cause me to miss work as a sign language interpreter, causing hardship on my colleagues and deaf students, who depended on me. For years, I tried medications, nasal sprays and herbal remedies. Within 3 days of using Glyconutrients , I was able to breathe freely and now take no medication.
Vicki W., Springfield, MO

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