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Limu & You...Optimize your Health!

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The Nutrients Found in Limu Moui - Brown Seaweed 

Limu grows naturally in the ocean, not synthesized in a lab, therefore percentages of each nutrient cannot be quantified.

Saccharides--Glyconutrients (Essential Sugars) Minerals
Alginic Acid Block absorption of radioactive material and free radicals 33 Boron

**Fucoidan** Inhibits cancer growth and has blood normalizing effects 34 Calcium Strong teeth & bones, muscle & nerve function.

Galactose - The typical diet yields only galactose and 35 Organic


Chlorides - Essential for stomach acid production

L-Fuctose glucose.


Glyconutrients encourage natural 36 Chromium Cell nourishment and energy.

Mannose - killer cells to fight disease. These will make 37 Copper Essential for all life.

Sulfate - the immune system more able to fight illness 38 Iodine Optimal thyroid health and metabolism. 


Uronic Acid and degenerative disease. 39 Iron Thyroid health, formation of red blood cells.

Xylose Glyconutrients promote cellular communication. 40 Magnesium Fights depression.

41 Manganese - Fertility and bone formation
Amino Acids (Building Blocks of Proteins) 42 Phosphorus Bone and tooth health

Alanine 43 - Potassium Essential for nerve and heart function

Arginine - These are the building blocks of life.


44 Selenium Protects against cancer, thyroid function

Asparagine - They are involved in every metabolic process 45


Sodium - Essential for nerve function

Aspartic Acid occurring in the body such as brain activity,


46 Zinc Optimal thyroid health, wound healing

Cysteine hormone secretion, and enzyme manufacture.

Glutamic Acid Vitamins

Glutamine 47 A Vision, cell division, reproduction, immunity

Glycine 48 B1 (Thiamine) Regulates mood

Histidine 49 B2 (Riboflavin) Regulates mood

Isoleucine 50 B3 (Niacin) Nerves, skin, digestive system

Leucine 51 B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Lysine 52 B6 Needed for enzymes and protein metabolis

Methionine 53 B9 (Folic Acid) Used to make new cells

Phenylalanine 54 B12 Regulates mood

Proline 55 Beta Carotene Cancer prevention and bone health

Serine 56 C Wound healing, Limu has more than oranges

Serine 57 D Maintains normal calcium levels in the blood

Threonine 58 E Antioxidant, anti-coagulant, cell development

Tryptophan 59 Lecithin Breaks down fatty deposits under the skin

Valine Essential Fatty Acids

60 Omega 3 Good fat, prevents cardiovascular disease

Sterols 61 Omega 6 Works with omega 3 for optimal health

24-Methylene-Cholesterol Essential for rebuilding and producing new cells.

Fuco-sterol 62 Laminarin Anticlotting and anticancer compound

63 Polyphenols anti-oxidants, prevents heavy metal buildup

Mucilage Satisfy hunger, strengthen hair, skin, nails

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