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Help in Preventing ADHD

Help in Preventing ADHD… by Maurice Petersen

It is estimated that over 7 million children in the United States alone have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This figure is staggering—especially considering that there are many children who have not yet been diagnosed. ADHD makes it difficult for the child affected—any type of long, focused concentration is difficult.

Sitting through school and taking in instruction can be quite a challenge. This puts further pressure on the parents of these children, who may already be burdened with feelings of guilt and confusion.

ADHD is a serious problem. It is a problem that seems to be growing. And while no one has pinpointed the exact cause of ADHD, several risk factors are being investigated. This article will explain how brown seaweed called Limu Moui by the Tongans may help lower a child’s chances of developing ADHD.

Poor Nutrition

Several studies have suggested that children who are diagnosed as having ADHD may lack the nutrients necessary for proper brain function. Diets high in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids like Omega-3 are linked to lower incidences of ADHD. One can’t simply give a child more Omega-3 and hope for the best, however. Nutrients act in concert in the human body. One vitamin can make another one more digestible, while yet a third can ensure that you do not have an overdose. It is much better to make sure that the child—and his or her parents—enjoys a diet that is rich in nutrient rich foods.

Limu Moui contains no less than 77 elements including the B vitamins, betacarotene, calcium, and iron. It is high in fiber, which helps remove toxins from the body. Fucoidan—a major component of Of Limu Moui—is extremely digestible. This allows the body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from this incredible seaweed.

Food Allergies

Some studies suggest that food allergies and food sensitivities may contribute to ADHD symptoms. In order to treat food sensitivities, it is important to understand how they develop. Our modern world is full of so many environmental toxins. Our immune systems are constantly under attack. Is it any wonder that so many people are developing allergies at a younger and younger age? Our immune systems are in a constant state of vigilance, and like any organism that fears attack, can overreact to non-viral or bacterial threats. This is what researchers suggest may happen with certain allergens. In other cases a person’s immune system, compromised by constant environmental toxins, may become quickly overwhelmed by a color/flavor/additive found in common foods. This may lead to hyperactivity and/or Attention Deficit Disorder. While Limu Moui—and its key component fuciodan—can not cure a person of allergies, it may bolster the body’s natural defenses. This would allow the body’s immune system to better fight off environmental toxins. Viennese and German researchers who studied the components in fuciodan were surprised to note its similarity to human breast milk. Fucoidan contains some of the same components that researchers believe help develop a strong immune system in a newborn child. When Limu Moui is taken, you get the added benefit of fuciodan that has been rendered extra digestible. The body is able to better utilize its health benefits.

Additionally, fuciodan is full of natural antioxidants. These bind with free radicals that can cause damage to the body and changes them into more stable molecules. Without this added stress, the body’s immune system can function more efficiently.

A Final Word

There is no doubt that ADHD is a serious problem. And the medications on the market today are not the cure concerned parents are looking for. Until a cure is found, Original Limu Moui can be one weapon against some of the risk factors that may contribute to ADHD.

Limu Moui is not a medicine or a drug. While it can promote wellness, it is not a cure. Do not use this or any article as a substitute for medical advice. Consult your doctor.

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