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Keys to Conquering Autoimmune Disease Challenges

Key’s to Conquering Autoimmune Disease Challenges… by Rena Williams

In todays trillion dollar society, health care is at the top of many individuals list. I find this to be especially true of those whom are faced with the battle of failing health. I'm mainly speaking about the wide spread of autoimmune diseases.

What exactly is autoimmune disease you may ask? A simple and yet most common explanation is, the disorders in which the body's immune system reacts against some of its own tissues and produces antibodies that start to attact itself. Such as you will find in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, and the list goes on.

I have been acquainted with, have studied and researched the field of autoimmune dis- eases for over 15 years. I became intrigued with such dominant passion only after I received a chilling report of being plagued with this excruciating disease myself.

Years of research have proven and led many to know and to understand that relief can be found from any circumstance. Yes, all things can be made some what better. It all starts with a decision and a determined mind. Our bodies responds graciously to a mind that aspires to getting better rather than one that implores self pity.

Of course mindset is not the only ingredient for notable changes in health. A change in our daily diet and exercise is crucial as well. We must now go from the bad sugars (table and artificial), to the good sugars (Glyconutrients), from less processed foods to more raw and whole foods, plus a daily regimen of some sort of exercise or activities.

Supplements play a major role in our well being also. Not just any type of supplements. Tremendous results have been achieved from the use of all natural supplements containing the key ingredients fucoidan, glyconutrients, and Russian adaptagens, which are all natural.

So, what are the keys to challenging autoimmune diseases? So far we have the proper mindset, proper nutrients, proper exercise, and proper supplements. One final key to add to this list would be proper rest. It is important to retire early enough to get a sufficient amount of rest. Preferably a minimum of 6-8 hours nightly. It is rest that allows body tissues and joints the time they need to repair.

Now is the time to start promoting wellness in your own bodies. Use your mind to think yourself into wellness. Don't let life have its way with you, instead have your way with life.

Choose to be a dancer and a prancer and WIN the challenge, you deserve it!

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